Monday, 17 October 2011

Who stole my hair?

Because it suits me, I often do night duty at work. Because of the nights it falls (weekends) I am often working with Colleen, a regular night dutyer for the past 25+years. Throughout this year she has been "keeping an eye on me" to make sure I don't fall  in a heap at work. If someone (ie a patient) has a cough or sniffle I am banned from entering the room. Consequently, there have been a few shifts over the months where Colleen has ended up with more than the 50% workload. Thank you Colleen!

Also at work, it seems there is a fault in the airconditioning, as at various times of the night (and indeed day) it becomes realy hot and I feel all sweaty, and red in the face and generally flushed. It's not just me who has noticed this, as there are other colleagues (similar age) who have also noticed this air conditioning malfunction. Maybe one of us should report it! When it gets hot like this, one of the best ways to cool down is to remove my wig - always helps.

Working at the computer one night, the air conditioning started playing up again. So, without even thinking, I took off my hair and threw it nonchalently onto the desk. When I got up to do some real work an hour later, I couldn't find my wig!

"Where's my hair? What did I do with it?" (Due to my scrambled brain of late, I always question myself first). This questioning quickly moved to "Who stole my hair?" Everyone pleaded innocence and then I remembered that Colleen had been in for a few hours but had then gone home. SHE HAD STOLEN MY HAIR! Now I just had to find it....

Could rule out 3 rooms (infections, coughs etc) so that just left 10 to check. Susan suggested I try Room 4. "But there isn't anyone in room 4" says I. 

Of course! Room 4! We had been doing Basic Life Support drills.

I walked in and thought I'd died! But then I realised, it wasn't me, just my hair!

What Colleen doesn't realise, is that one day my brain will return,and I will be able to think of a good payback. She doesn't know how, or when, or what.  (Neither do I actually). So she'll just have to sweat on it for a bit longer!!

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