Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hair returns...

So now my hair has started growing back, which is good as the weather is getting warmer and the wig becoming quite uncomfortabe. But, not only is the hair on my head growing, but it is everywhere else too.

My days of the brazilian are done. Slowly but surely my eyebrows are returning to where they should be. Even my eyelashes are on the way back. I noticed the latter last week when I was lying down for the final radiotherapy session and my glasses must have slipped back as my eyelashes brushed against the glass. A very exciting moment!

However, not so exciting is the return of those chin hairs! Wouldn't you think all those chemicals and the radioactivity would have permanently removed the unwanted? Aren't these things closely aligned with cancer cells? Shouldn't they be? Alas, no. Not only chin hair, but full facial hair! A Downey kind of stuff -a bit like a baby has all over its body. I was speaking to MynewbestfriendLee   and she assured me it was "normal" and under no circumstances am I to wax it! Apparently it will just go away (yeah, right)! So now I am feeling that I am helping to prove Darwin's theory of Evolution. It just looks like I haven't evolved quite as far as others!

Speaking of chin hairs, have you noticed that there appears to be a direct correlation between the growth of these and the occurrence of diminishing eyesight? So we don't even notice the chin hairs until we move out of denial about our eyesight (these new light bulbs aren't as bright as the old ones, are they?!) and get glasses! At which point you realise you have been walking around looking like this for months, and then wonder if anyone else has noticed, because you sure didn't! Just another one of life's little jokes!

Well, must away and do some shaving, (the hair on my legs, that never actually went away, just slowed a bit, is now back with a vengeance) waxing (but not the face!) and general depilatory methods to do my utmost to diprove Darwin's theory of evolution! Or at least to demonstrate that I have evolved. Truly I have!

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