Saturday, 20 August 2011


Some people have on their "bucket list" the getting of a tattoo. Well, that is something that was never on my list (although I did at one stage in my life contemplate a black swan on my left inner ankle) but I now have a tattoo! Three, in fact!
For those of you who are fans of "Friends" (the TV sit-com), there is an episode where Phoebe & Rachel get tattoos. In it, Phoebe's tattoo is described as "Earth viewed from space". Well that is what all my tattoos are like! I am wandering around with three earths as viewed from space on my upper body! I guess that could be one for each of my children! I'm sure they would appreciate that I have a permanent drawing of them on my body! "Rob, as viewed from the airplane". "Dan as viewed from the mountain top". "Jim as viewed from the hot air balloon". Possibilities are endless!
The whole procedure (of getting the tattoos) was quite painless, although a bit long as they worked out the exact position for the markings to go. The purpose of them is to use as targets for the up and coming radiotherapy I am to have. It is these areas that will be zapped in the hope that whatever cancer cells have survived the onslaught of chemotherapy will not survie the onslaught of radiotherapy! I have been assured that I will not be radioactive or glow in the dark. Very disappointing for my boys! But that's ok because I carry their images (as viewed from...) all over my chest!